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Certus Group has created the Certus Data Ontology (cerDO) to develop ontology-driven property graphs leveraging ISO-21838 Ontology Standards, enabling integration between already created and future knowledge graphs. cerDO enables schema representation in scalable datastores, and automatic discovery of relationships among entities.
ciuTshi is a simplified collection of data practice modules for establishing and building up your metadata best practices. Understanding that each data challenge is unique, the modular framework’s application can be tailored to develop repeatable data processes for valid models and critical data-driven decisions. Customers can selectively apply ciuTshi to data management, data governance, content management, and task management challenges using data catalogs and other data operations tools of their choice.
Semantic Knowledge Graph (sKG) is Certus Group’s flagship product. sKG is a horizontally and vertically scalable datastore that supports SQL, graph, and keyword search queries. It uses a scalable ETL pipeline that supports instrumentation and on-the-fly modifications. For graph queries, there is a query engine layer that converts the graph traversals into the requisite database queries. For full-text indexing on a given entity type, sKG can be optionally configured to use OpenSearch.