Complex data challenges are our speciality

We adapt and implement solutions that perfectly suit your needs

New Challenges require a new mindset

Our team was formed around the idea that global industries need transformational innovation to meet the challenges in the coming decades

We focus on Effective Solutions

Quicker analysis of socio-political and economic power shifts
Informed decisions for pivots in strategic competition
Enhanced response to the disruption caused by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and knowledge systems

Certus Group

Is a newly formed small business in Tampa, Florida

We Provide

Rapid innovation to assist our customers and their goals

Our background and expertise include

  • Data Science

    Data Engineering, Data Visualization, Algorithm Design

  • Data Systems

    Database Management, Cataloging, Metadata, Knowledge Graphs

  • Software

    Full-stack Programming, Systems Integration, Software Engineering

  • Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Rapid Prototyping

  • Deployment

    On-site Systems Testing, Operational Debugging, Training and Documentation