Release v0.1.0 (Forthcoming)

The Certus Data Ontology Framework

The Certus Data Ontology (cerDO) is a framework for consistently representing and rigorously managing data-derived ontological entities. The framework guides engineers, leadership, and all data users toward a shared understanding of their data’s connection to real-world entities facilitating collaboration and longitudinal analysis of organizational data. Using cerDO will result in high-quality institutional knowledge, improving the contextual understanding of data assets, organizational decisions, and their measurable impact.

The rationale for cerDO is simple: people within and between organizations with overlapping knowledge domains must agree on what data represents. Certus found that the complexity of data models can escalate quickly based on the dimensions and features associated with the underlying data assets. This model complexity challenge increases when people use different terminology, definitions, and entity associations. Failure to address this relational challenge can lead to miscommunication, invalid models, and delays in deliverables and decisions critical to organizational success.

The cerDO framework is critical in simplifying the knowledge modeling process, providing a standard compliance layer for transforming data into domain knowledge with consistent modeling, rigorous implementation, and quality assurance. By layering data ontology practices with guidance on ontological rules and applications, cerDO firmly constructs information context and knowledge from a diverse collection of data assets. From knowledge graphs to advanced artificial intelligence (AI) applications, the framework guides organizations with simple heuristics and consistent models to ensure reliable entities and persistent knowledge critical to organizational growth and valuable decision-making impact.

Sharing and Contribution

This project is by data professionals for data professionals at all levels. As a result, we definitely want to keep improving the framework’s content for the broadest community use possible. Please share and refer to the contributor’s guide for how to submit updates to cerDO.


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